World of Warships..Final

…but it’s a start

Nice. Appetite whetted!

wow. got an ebook for this stuff too? I’m looking forward to such skill of my own. inspiring! thanks for sharing.

no ebook yet, I’m still learning how to do it…

Now with shooting.

It’s hard to make 3D flames, and I didn’t want them to be complicated, so I drew a simple 2D flame image, put it on a flat mesh, and drew it at the end of the gun barrel. Of course, you won’t see it from side on, so I rotated 90 degrees and drew it a second time, and this looks good from all angles except if you’re looking straight down the barrel (in which case you’re dead).

I posted about it here.

super cool, it reminds me of the film

Fantastic @Ignatz!

I would have turned to something like Blender to make a model as complex as a Warship.

I would be interested to hear your process of calculating the vertices for the model once you have established your scale in Excel :slight_smile:

@XanDDemoX - I did it by eye, there weren’t many of them

Terrific stuff. I’m a World of Tanks fan with an eye on WoW. Honestly, I’m enthralled by what you’ve done here.

This update includes projectiles, with trajectories and splashes

I’ve written about it here.

I’ve included auto-targeting and diferent camera views, written up here.

Making islands (link)

brill, a good game

Now with damage and some sound (using built in sound, needs some work).

Some code to try it out with, and a writeup.

EDIT - added nice tea texture and wake

function setup()
    function(d) loadstring(d)() setup() end,
        function(e) print(e) end

NB it doesn’t yet test for ships running out of health, so you can keep shooting forever.

New video, shows nice sea texture and ship movement, as well as exploding shells.

very good demo @ignatz, and the launcher works perfectly. The road is now a bit shorter!

Good work! How did you get sound in your YouTube video? I’ve only been able to capture images.

Excellent & +1 for recording sound - how?