World of Warships..Final

I used the Reflector iPad app, which records faster and more cleanly than the built in Codea video recorder.

And does sound.

Wrote up the last changes here and here.

New video and writeup.

what about this sound: (more reallistic)

-- sound explosion

-- Use this function to perform your initial setup
function setup()
    print("tap the screen to shoot")

function touched(t)
    if t.state==BEGAN then
        sound("Game Sounds One:Explode Big") 
            sound("A Hero's Quest:FireBall Blast 1",.3,0.3)

Thank you for that, I’ll try it out!

@jmv38 - tres bien, mon ami! <:-P

glad you like it

I thought this was fun and worth posting. I included a camera view that follows a gun shot in the air.

This is amazing! This is the best codea project I’ve ever seen! How did you do that?! I have absolutely no idea how to do any 3D stuff.

@Kolosso - time, effort and patience is all you need. I knew nothing to start with. Once you can program 2D graphics reasonably well, you are ready to start learning 3D.

I added fog, which gives nice creepy effect.

I posted here with code to play with.

Islands in the mist. Very cool. Just gets better all the time.

Final version (as much as I want to do with it, anyway), written up here

function setup()
    function(d) loadstring(d)() setup() end,
        function(e) print(e) end

Aww. I wanted to see the bombers come in. Darn it.

Terrific work. Hope you’re putting this to work on something even grander.

Now available on the Codea Community Repo and the WebRepo project!