Why do Pictures i create do not support alhpa?

I have created many images in .png format, which supports alpha. Then I upload them to imgur (also in that format), then i install them to my iPad mini (- Maybe here is the break point??) and save them to Codea. Might you please help me saving images to Codea with alpha support

As I recall, the iPad saves as jpg

The answer is to save pngs in Dropbox

Hey at @TokOut, what @Ignatz says is the best way to keep control of the files and access the originals. I personally email the new files to myself and choose save all from the email when I hold down on one image but only because I don’t always have access to Dropbox.

The other thing is to check how your saving your PNGs. I personally use photoshop. Make sure the background is transparent before exporting and choose 24bit with alpha as the format. You can choose 8bit with alpha, but only if you want a pixelated edge and not a smooth cut out. For my game I have pixel art which would be perfect for 8bit with alpha but even so I still save as 24 bit with alpha as the file sizes are tiny.

Happy to see what images you have are transparent to check the alpha is working.

It would be great if Codea could upload images from the Lobby screen. Like imgur.com does.