Text wrapping in codea editor

I don’t know if this is a known bug but if I write a line of code that wraps itself to the next line, then when I go to edit the text the caret can be in one place and the text will get added or removed in a completely different place

So say for instance I make a function which has this in it : box.linearVelocity = vec2(bl.x+steer.xspeedDeltaTime*3-bl.x/25,box.linearVelocity.y), because this line wraps itself to the next, if I try to place my caret just after vec2, it ends being somewhere near box.linearVelocity.y and editing text around there, i hope someone knows what I mean!

Very well known bug. Will be solved some day. Meanwhile:

  • write in landscape.
  • write short lines

thought it might be, thanks. And i have adjusted my writing to short lines now because its annoying playing around with the caret