Tabs order

If I change the order of the tabs I get an error.
If I put them back in the initial order, I don’t get any error.
Is it a bug or is there a rule about the order of the tabs ?

There is no rule, you can drag them around - how are you changing the order?

That’s because the Tabs order are like the following: First MAIN is running, then the other Tabs in order, in one of it you create a tag after you use it.

Depending on what you do in a tab, some tabs have to be to the left of other tabs. If all the class instances are being created in Main, then the order shouldn’t matter. If you’re creating an instance of a class in some other tab, then the tab with the class has to be on the left of the tab creating the instance of it.

Thank you, Dave. Yes, I created an instance of a class in another tab. So now I undertstand my mistake.

I would keep all the methods for a class in one tab. If you use class inheritance, the subclasses must be to the right of the superclass. Tab order only affects code outside of any function, which for a lot of projects will just be the class command and function name space. Code outside of any function (wish there was a simple term to refer to such code) is interpreted at compile time, rather than at run time.

Is it because the bight code puts all classes in one class C1 and C2 into one tab, yes?