Tabs being deleted?

In my game, i define each level in a separate tab. This works fine, but now that i have around 50 tabs, i experience that sometimes tabs are spontaneously disappearing! I.e. Once the project is closed and reopened some of the rightmost tabs are no longer present. Obviously, this is rather annoying as each level represents quite a lot of work. (I am not using air code).

Is there a limitation on the max number of tabs? Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?

By tabs, I assume that you are talking about classes.
I’m pretty sure this is because you reached the max class limit. If I were to make a game with levels, I wouldn’t do it with classes. Try tables and see if that works.

Until you get a solution, I suggest you group your levels 5 to a tab

@ignatz yes, once i realised there is a limitation on the number of tab, i did exactly as you suggest and that works fine-thanks

Hi All,

Just curious, wasn’t aware of the restriction in Tabs, is there any restriction in the number of dependencies?

Hypothetically if you have say 10 tabs per Codea app in your library would you exceed the limit by setting up 5 dependencies?