StackIt (v1.1 released!)

I finally have gotten to a point where I can release a beta version of my app. Join the team here: (Link removed, no more invitations being accepted)
What I would specifically like some feedback on my icon, gameplay, graphic style, how fast it gets harder, the music, the physics properties, etc.
I would love ideas for power ups, objects, and object behaviors
Thanks a lot!

I can’t even start a game. When I click Start it causes error 40 attempt to call method getCount

@jakAttack - Right, sorry about that. I’ll fix that right now. I uploaded the wrong version.

New version deployed

It works! Awesome concept! I love it it’s super fun. Reminds me of @John’s Stack3r. I especially love being able to add infinite lives from the console :wink:

@JakAttak - Hahaha. So do I. It was inspired by “Stak3r” and was used with John’s permission. BTW, I’d love to hear everyone’s score. If you could post around where you’re scoring (without cheating) until I integrate the TestFlight SDK, that’d be amazing.

Without cheating I average around 14,000. Yes, I’m that bad. Personally, I feel like the score goes up to little. Like it feels like I’ve been playing for a long time but my score is so low.

@JakAttak - Not bad compared to my other users. All other users are varying from about 2000 - 10000. I usually score between 20000 - 40000, but I made the app. Anyways, GameCenter is coming in a few days, so you’ll be able to show off then. Get your balance act ready.

Love it :slight_smile: perhaps a preview of the next form

I get an average of 50-55 FPS on my iPad Mini. Also, I’ve noticed that when I pause and then resume the plank moves and all my blocks shoot off

@JakAttak - That was already on the bug list. I’m trying to spread out the updates and put more content in them now so I don’t bore you guys out of your minds with updates. Anyways, the next version will have most of the bugs fixed. And a few extra little cheater assistants.
@Diablo76 - Thanks a lot and for the idea.
Anyone have any ideas for new objects, power ups, stats, object behaviors, etc? 13 shapes and 7 power ups is not enough, in my opinion.

How about a powerup that puts barriers on the sides so it’s like |_| an open box to catch things with? lasts 20-30 seconds?

@JakAttak - I was thinking something more like a bowl.
Anyways, new build with bug fixes.
I’ll release my build tomorrow with a new object, some more bug fixes, and an accidentally left out feature that could boost your scores.

@Zoyt sounds intriguing! Any chance of a screenshot or video of the game in action?

@Simeon - Feel free to sign up for the beta, but I’ll add a video and screen shots tomorrow.

@Simeon, here’s a screenshot that I took,

StackIt Beta Gameplay Screenshot

@JakAttak - I see you’re using a non-retina display. I’ll try and fix that sometime.

Oh yes I had forgotten, the gradients don’t show up, right? Well. Looking forward to seeing those in the screenshots you upload tomorrow!

Okay, just got it and it’s awesome. It’s super fun and addicting. And I beat @Zoyt’s grandma. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay… I just lost and it said game over for a moment then the screen went black. It’s just the app, I pressed home and everything worked fine. When I start it up again, though, the screen is black… At least I got some screen shots before it broke.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

(Never mind) Question: how do you make an image appear in the forums, instead of a link?

EDIT: Fixed, thanks @Jmv38!