Sprite function adds spurious NSRange parameters with imported photo

The following is generated when selecting a photo to import via assets. Anyone else seeing this?

    sprite("Project:logs",NSRange: {24, 7},NSRange: {32, 8},NSRange: {41, 3},NSRange: {45, 3})
    sprite("Documents:logpile",NSRange: {15, 16},NSRange: {32, 16},NSRange: {49, 16},NSRange: {66, 16})

Steps to recreate:
1.New Project
2. Type Sprite() in draw() function
3. Tap and select Project Assets then +Photos
4. Select Photo and Use

@West That was posted as a problem before. Not sure when.

I have had that happen before to but I just deleted it and moved on.

@dave1707 -ok just had a search on NSRange - comes up with a thread from Aug 18. @Simeon recreated it, but no info on what caused it or whether it was resolved. Can delete the spurious text and use normally, it’s just a bit annoying

Still happening to me with regularity when selecting any image, including those from bundled libraries.

I’ll try fix this now. Sorry it has been hanging around

Fixed in next update

Thanks, Simeon.

Many thanks @Simeon - any eta on the next update?

Just fixing the Xcode export then will release it as beta