Space Puzzle

I’m preparing a puzzle bobble game with bosses in the last level, it is designed for fixed WIDTH/HEIGHT, but i dont know if it looks good in the iPhone screen…is it still available to post as a game for this contest?

OK, I have just submited the code
and a video:


  • new algorith to fix the new “bubbles” positions once launched, (tan(angle))
  • added bosses, menus, transitios and effects and a new level (game mode)
  • different sprites and “deads” for bubbles
  • created fire sprite for screen texture
  • fixed for different WIDTH/HEIGHT
  • sounds changed
  • revamped HUD
  • better control
  • animations

That’s really nice, @juaxix.

It looks app store ready

Thanks @Mark

That looks incredible, @juaxix. You’ve really nailed the idea of the competition — to take a simple idea and polish it.

It looks better and more fun than many games on the App Store.

Thanks @Simeon , hope me and people learn from the code :slight_smile:

Yes @juaxix — please submit it! There will be some time later to test and correct on an iPhone version.

Just make a change for the next level drawings:

Just added highscores saving with persistent data and displaying it :slight_smile:

i am new to all the cool physic stuff, i am shocked after seen the easily i could have made this game with just createBody and Circle type hahaha

Here is the AppStore link:

Congrats! Just purchased and 5 starred and reviewed. Hope you sell a million copies

Haha. Oh thanks You Vega, I was going to publish these promo codes for people here:


Enjoy it!!

Hi Score 6333 - thanks for the app, great fun.


Wow you are hardcore gamers :smiley:
I’ll have to add 100+ more levels for you guys xD

The last code in the list had gone when I tried to redeem it but clearly someone else had the same idea as I did of working from the end because the penultimate one hadn’t, so I took it.

(Good idea to comment when you take a code. Also, if this is going to be a common thing - and I hope it is! - that people who release Codea-based apps post a few promotion codes on the forum then I suggest that we have a members-only dedicated thread for it.)

Hi @juaxix,

Not really, just wanted to support you and; I like your game ever since seeing your early version.

One thing, may be a feature, but once you turn off the music it’s gone?

Ideas for the future:

  1. Playing against the clock in later levels
  2. Exploding bombs to avoid
  3. Solid objects to bounce around
  4. Walls of descending items to destroy
  5. A protected button which will destroy all objects when hit

Good luck with it.



Hey @Andrew_Stacey i can post new codes, but i will give you one via pm ok?
and @Bri_G :thanks a lot for supporting the game :slight_smile: I really appreciate your ideas for new features, i will study them all and the good are going to be real :slight_smile:

@juaxix: One of the codes was still available so I got it, my comment was simply that it wasn’t the last one on the list.

It took me a little while to figure out what the idea was - some instructions would be nice!

Also, the aiming arrow seems a little off. It is anchored at the back of the shooter, but the “whatsits” are shot from the middle so they tend to go in a slightly different direction to where I expect them too.

Thanks for put that topic in the table @Andrew_Stacey ,I spent a lot of time figuring out how to improve the aiming method, i think you are much better than me with maths :smiley:
Instructions? i believe users can learn quickly enought in the first try haha