Space Puzzle

Okay, so my 8yr old figured it out, I guess it doesn’t need that much by way of instructions. I’d still like to know what the logic behind the game is: when do more blobs than just that colour disappear, how does the scoring work?

It’s a nice game, so I’m nitpicking - just wanted to make that clear!

There’s a couple of things that jar. Most of it feels quite slick (that’s good) but there’s a couple of things that look a bit Heath Robinson. The aiming arrow is one: the transparency doesn’t look good because of how it’s built up. Maybe the shooter should just turn to face the right direction? The other bit that feels a bit tacky is the inter-level text. I don’t like the flashing text stuff - it’s too 1980s. Since the rest of the game is more modern in feel, I don’t like that bit. Lastly, I don’t like the square grid when the pieces are laid out on an offset system. A diamond-based or hexagonal grid would seem more appropriate.

As I said - just nit-picking! Not quite up to Bri_G’s high score yet … Must Try Harder.

I’m with you @Andrew_Stacey, i want another background :slight_smile:
I have created this page for the game and gift people with the code also:

Here is the code i use to connect the game with Game Center and play the mp3 music