Shaders and viewing code

I tried out the new update and I have some problems! Codea freezes and quits when I try to edit shaders from the code. Also going through the lua-code has become slow and laggy. Otherwise nice update!

@MMGames Could you specify the release/version you’re currently on. Just in case you don’t know where that is, start Codea and at the bottom middle of the page are 2 stick figures and an X. Tap on them and in the upper right of the next page will be the release and version. 2.3.7 (79) for non Craft and 2.5 (80) for the latest Craft beta. I think I’m on the latest version of both.

EDIT: Make that 2.3.8 (82) for the non Craft code.

Yup, it is 2.3.8 (82)

I’m having this problem aswell, I think it’s trying to run a shader that crashes in live view.

The crash is really bad for me it freezes until I press lock and when I try to open my iPad it will take 10-20 second to lode my home screen

I have the same problem!