[Shade] Infinite loop causes crash and corrupted save file

I found a bug in Shade that crashes the shader if you create an infinite loop.
The image shows you how to reproduce.

I was working on a file and accidentally did this and now whenever I open the file, there’s a blank canvas and closing the shader crashes the app. I wasn’t able to reproduce the file corruption but I did upload the problematic file.

Not sure if this is the right place for a Shade bug report but this is where the app pointed me to.

Hi @jf909 yes this is fine to use this forum for any Shade related stuff. Thanks for the bug report, I’ll put in a check for infinite loops for the next update. I’ll see if I can fix that file for you as well.

Ok, I’ve added cycle detection to the graph loader so any broken shaders will now open (minus the cycle causing connection). I’ll also put in a check when creating connections so that anything causing a cycle will fail to connect.

This also fixed your shader which I’ve attached. You’ll still be able to break it with cycles until the next update though :open_mouth:

That’s great to hear and thank you very much!