Shade 1.0 (8)

This thread is for the Shade Beta. Right now this is a limited beta. As the builds become more stable we will open it up to a wider group. Feel free to post shaders you’ve created and report any bugs you find.

Build Notes

Version 1.0 (8)
Please test the In-App Purchase functionality

  • You won’t actually be charged
  • The purchase dialogs will say “Sandbox”
  • The “14 Day Free Trial” only lasts for 1 day for testers, so please test the trial and then the full upgrade experience and let us know what you think

New stuff!

  • You can now group nodes with the Group Node
  • You can directly manipulate objects in the preview window, just tap on them!
  • Tap elsewhere on the preview window to see preview settings
  • You can add objects to your scene through the Prop node
  • Adds Create/Get local variable nodes
  • Adds Combine node

Other stuff

  • Improved Unity code gen
  • Reworked parallax node
  • Emissive strength no longer exists, use the intensity of the emissive color
  • Lots of UI tweaks

@John - interesting, what is your timetable for shade?

Looks like it may be a better way for developing shaders. Will it include importing shaders from other sources?

@Bri_G We’re working on a pretty tight schedule (think weeks not months), no promises though. It will export to several targets (Codea, Unity) but it cannot import existing shaders.

Looks like the first beta has gone through! Anyone who’s a tester of this version tweet us your first shaders, or post them here so I can show them off

Anyone who wants to be a tester, post here or DM us your email

Is that going to be sent to the existing beta testers.

@dave1707 Oh we actually already added you and some others but the invites didn’t get sent. I just fixed it!

Note: any existing testers who want to be on the Shade beta just let us know here and we’ll transfer your details over.

@simeon count me in please

@piinthesky done

@Simeon - I would like to contribute but not sure how much help I could give, just another pair of hands testing

@Simeon I don’t know if you’re ready for fixes, but here something to start. When I start Shade on an iPad Pro in landscape mode, the surface list is partially hidden by the sphere image. When I start Shade on an iPad Air, the surface list is completely off the screen to the right. Same if I start Shade on the iPad Pro in portrait mode.

@Simeon I ran into a situation where the picture was all white and the was a small scrolling bar in the bottom right edge of the picture. I removed all inputs to the surface list and also tried changing the picture from sphere to cube to plane but nothing would change the picture or stop the scrolling bar. I had to exit and delete the shader to get rid of it.

EDIT: The easiest way to recreate the above problem. Create 2 UV and 1 Floor node. Run the 2 UV nodes into the Floor node. Run the Floor node into the Surface Diffuse. Delete one of the UV nodes then delete the other UV node. The picture should have a little scrolling bar and nothing can be done to the picture.

@dave1707 thank you for those steps that definitely does bug out the shader compilation!

@simeon should Shade appear in testflight? don’t see it yet.

@piinthesky I got mine from the email message. I pressed something in the email and it took me to a download in TestFlight. Try going into TestFlight and swiping to the right. If I do that it shows a window with Codea and Shade in it.

@piinthesky you may need to accept the invite email for it to appear in TestFlight on your device

@Simeon @John Can the size of the nodes be changed. On my iPad Air, they take up a lot of screen space. Maybe make them smaller and in a single file down the left side of the screen. Also in alphabetical order or an option to put them in alpha order.

@dave1707 I’ll let @simeon handle that one. Have you tried using the long-press create node menu? I generally never use the library and just type what I want. Obviously the library is great when you are starting out trying to figure out what nodes exist.

@simeon opps i forgot to look at my email! thanks i got it.

@dave1707 yes I’d like to move them to single file and much smaller. That’s a very unfinished part of the app right now. We’ll be breaking them into categories.