[Semi-Solved] The Tale of the Dissapearing String(s)

Hello fellow Codeans,
I, Dalorbi, has discovered (or rediscovered) a bug that has perplexed me for a whole 2 hours,
A bug of which a temporary solution has been conceived but a permanent solution for from achieved.

The problem is: displaying enough text on screen through text() to go off screen causes the text to disappear

The program was:

-- Urls Save Lives

function setup()
    parameter.integer("textsize", 0, 50, 11)
    http.request("http://example.com", getPageSource)
    source = "Loading..."

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)
    fill(255, 255, 255)
    text(source, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)

function getPageSource(data, status, headers)
    source = data

As you can see increasing the size of text size greater than 13 causes it to disappear
####OH NO

The solution Drum Roll
Don’t go over the size limit for that piece of text

Jokes Aside, does anyone know how to solve this?

@Dalorbi It’s not a bug. It’s based on the width of the screen and the font size. On my IPad 1 I can display 2 times more text before it disappears than on my iPad air because of the retina display on the air.

EDIT:You can use textWrapWidth maybe.

Here’s a response I got from Simeon when I asked the same question.

@dave1707 it seems to be related to the screen width in landscape mode, and so relates to the maximum texture resolution supported by your device. For example, when you use a smaller font you can see much more before the string disappears. I expect that on your non-retina iPad 1 you can get to double the width before it disappears.

@dave1707 I had a feeling it wasn’t a bug, thanks

use string.sub to split up the string. As for making it easier to display the text, you might try finding line breaks (“/n”, incase you didn’t know) and splitting up the string between line breaks.
Hope that helps!

I was getting this problem a long time ago. Using textWrapWidth() fixed it.