search strange hangover

sometimes when i search for things, then i close the search, then i change tabs

there is a residual visual search effect, it remains when opening the search again and only disappears when clearing/editing the input in the search

@skar - been there a while, mentioned some time ago. Not always present - don’t know what triggers it.

@skar The yellow search rectangle remains after you close the search window. That has been around for years. It remains in the editor after you close the search window if you tap on one of the lines that were found to take you to a line in the editor. To eliminate the yellow rectangle in the editor, before you close the search window, you need to clear the search area. Tap the X to the right of the search word.

@dave1707 - thanks for the tip. Didn’t know you could clear it that way. Posted about it and also about not clearing the search field when run - didn’t know there was a connection!!!