Screen Recording Feature

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on a new feature that records a video of a running Codea project in realtime and saves it to the Camera Roll. You can then use the Photos app to view and upload the video to Youtube, etc.

Here’s a video i uploaded today:

There’s a good possibility that this feature may make 1.3, which is nearing release. Let me know what you think.

Please, please, please, please! The idea that one has to point a camera at an iPad to take a video of it is … bizarre.

I think it would be awesome - can you also make it record audio, not from the app, but from the microphone? I was wanting to do a screencast (if I can get up the nerve, frankly) of “Stuck for an hour? Let’s see what we can make”, and was stymied about how I could reasonably record it. If I could turn on record, then run Codea as normal, narrating as I went - that would be ideal. Even without audio it would be a good thing (I’ll just record the audio on my iphone).

Audio recording is definitely possible. Whether or not I can integrate it for 1.3 is another matter.

Get it in the beta!

This sounds like an extraordinarily useful feature, especially considering the momentum Codea is building as an educational tool.

For me, the audio recording via mic would be less important if I can move this into iMovie to edit, add voice over, etc.

Yeah I imagine we’ll include it without audio recording at first, then add that later.

I would use this “in anger” right now.

I’ve started using Codea in my lectures, but I don’t always get a chance to show all that I want. Not all of the students have iPads so can’t get the code for themselves. The ability to record a demonstration would be fantastic.

If it’s intended to create a demo video, it should also record the sound of the app. Not external sound through the mic, though it would be nice, but the internal sound of the app. If it can’t record the audio then for music program, such as @fred’s piano, this feature wouldn’t be too helpful. :slight_smile:

At first it will only do video. Then we’ll look at the audio options.

I take back my suggestion of audio - it occurs to me it’s easy enough to capture audio with an iPhone, then sync it all later. The real win here is video capture.

yeah - right! i love codea :)))

btw - @Bortels - i thought i could wait for 1.3 but i cant… can you post the link to your font libary?

Look at - its called “Font” there.

this is AMAZING! i would actually like to ask you about all the code - its so little but dös so much!!! but which code do i have to put in my programm - and how do i make use of it??

Include the RomanSimplex tab as-is.

To just draw text,

in setup() :
   f=HersheyRomanSimplex() -- set up the font

In draw() :
   f:drawstring("Hello World", 150, 300)

The main tab has a ton of demo stuff showing how to do scrolling and colors and different sizes and blah blah blah. You can look at it and pick and choose what you want to do.

thank you! amazing work! helps me a lot!!!

YES! I REALLY want it! Just a few suggestions:

  • Add an option to show where the user touches.
  • Add an option that allows you to change the loudness of the actual game sound being recorded and the sounds thru the mic.
    But first get it released. THANK YOU! :smiley:

@Zoyt good suggestion about the touches. This is also something you can do your self (draw a transparent circle on touch). But it might be nice to have built in. Probably not in the first release though.

Alright. Also, is this recording controlled by a function or an actual button on the screen?

Another video recording: