Screen Recording Feature

there’s a button next to the “pause” and “back” and “run” buttons.

John, I guess that means you solved it? :slight_smile:

Yeah, i didn’t realise that you were using clip(). When i render the scene to a texture, i flip the projection matrix so the video comes out unflipped (due to different coordinate spaces between the video encoder and opengl). However, glScissorTest is in viewport coordinates, so the clipping rects were almost all in the wrong place. Fixed now.

Wait… You guys are talking about stuff you learned from the beta tester forums in a general forum. NO FAIR. But I learned all the new features without being beta tester here.

oh I meant you solved the puzzle…


Haha, i thought simeon might have mentioned to you that screen recording didn’t work. I just copied your solution to make me look good in the video :slight_smile:


Zoyt, exactly! :slight_smile: Everyone, look away

I think video recording will be a revolution in how we show off the games. In fact now that I think about it how come the ipad doesn’t have this?

Apple should hire you guys to design the ipad already

the text editor is so good that as others mentioned I too miss the codea keys when I’m typing elsewhere on the ipad

Completely agree on the Codea keyboard. I do a lot of writing on the iPad (as in whole books) and I don’t think there’s a wp on the iPad that provides as nice an environment for text as Codea does for code.

Agreed. But it’s off topic.

Possible test case:

Uses smooth(), noSmooth(), and scale() in the same frame. Plus can be driven to lag.

(plus I’d like people to see it and am too lazy to film it myself :slight_smile: )

I just posted a video from living images on my posterous - it’s converting now, but looked pretty good when I previewed it. There is another video there of a tutorial project I’m toying with…

PS. Looks like posterous finished converting while I typed this.

Niiice. Thx

has this feature been updated? as soon as I push the video button, the app just kinda freezes rendering until I press the video button again and it asks me what i want to do with the video. if i save it and view it, it’s just a blank video, even tho my program keeps right on running.

@meerkatmusic - please don’t resurrect a thread nearly 2 years old. Start a new one.