saveProjectInfo(“Author”, “My Name”) not showing up in XCode export Menu

I have:
saveProjectInfo(“Author”, “John Doe”)
saveProjectInfo(“Company”, “exomut”)

When I long press on a project from the project manager and select export to XCode, the next screen displays my Company name correctly as “Exomut”. However, the name area does not use my name, it displays “Bom” instead of the name I entered.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, do you prefer bugs found to be posted to these forums, or would you rather I post to the issues list on BitBucket

Thanks for your time.

@exomut we have a Trello you can log bugs on

I find Trello a bit more friendly to use than Bitbucket

Thanks for this report on the Xcode export. I recently overhauled it and it’s very possible that it’s missing some of the old functionality. It looks like the Xcode export currently uses the last name you entered regardless of what the project author is set to, when it should only be doing that as a fallback if the project does not have an author.

(The intent here is that if you never set an author it just keeps using the name you entered on a previous export to save you having to re-type it)

Edit: the same issue is actually happening to “Company” as well, you just haven’t seen it because the last company name you typed happens to be the same. I don’t think we ever use “Company” as a standard key in the project info, so in the case of “Company” the behaviour is correct to ignore what’s in the project. Though I’ll consider adding support for it now.

@Simeon I joined the Trello Codea board. I use Trello for some of my projects, so that works well for me. I will report bugs (if I find any more) to the Trello board.

Thanks for looking into the Xcode export issue. I misunderstood a tutorial “David Such’s tutorial: Codea v1.5.2: Export to Xcode.” on the Codea wiki. I saw there was support for Author and thought the same was true for Company. Being able to set the company per project is nice though. So if you have the time, it would be a nice bonus.