Returning to Codea

After a long while doing other things, I’m returning to play with Codea. Is there still no way to conveniently move Codea programs from one of my iPads to another?

What other wonderful things should I check out?


Dave, I got the project saved as zip. how do I open it on the other pad? thanks!
Simeon, thanks, i’ll scan that stuff.

@RonJeffries Did you do the Codea Export Projects to a zip. If you did I don’t think the restore works yet. It was broken a few releases ago and not fixed that I know of. Anyways, if you long press on the zip file, you’ll get some options. One of the options I think is share or export. From there you can select copy to Codea and it should open Codea and after awhile bring up a menu that ask you what you want to restore. That’s the part that didn’t work.

PS. I just tried it and the restore menu never showed in Codea.

@RonJeffries You should be able to use the Files app. Save them to the iCloud Drive then get them from there.

@RonJeffries a lot of the focus of recent Codea updates (including the one in review with apple) has been on making it easier to shift files around.

The current version lets you work in Working Copy if you want to keep your project managed in Git. Using Working Copy’s “Setup Synced Directory” feature. There’s a video demo here

The next version of Codea (2.6.2) will allow the main project browser to update in real-time with the Files app (so you can move projects in and out, rename and delete outside of Codea and see the updates reflected in the project browser). I’m waiting on Apple to finish reviewing this — it’s taking a while.

The next version also has Face AR if you have the newest iPad Pros. I have a feeling this feature might be why Apple is taking so long to review Codea.

Future updates are focusing on getting Codea to support open-in-place so that you can edit projects stored anywhere on your file system or in the cloud.

yes it seems not to work. :frowning:

is there some other way, or shall i just get over it?

You should be able to use the Files app. You should see a Codea folder that can be copied to a folder on the iCloud Drive. On the other iPad you could copy from the “iCloud Drive” to a Codea folder “on my iPad”.

@dave1707 @RonJeffries sorry for not fixing this. I’ll have a look into the zip import. For now you can use the files app and put them in the Codea folder in “On My iPad”

@dave1707 I was able to export my projects and load them via zip in the latest beta of Codea. Is it not working for you? I thought I had fixed this in version 2.6.2.

I’m not sure I tried it as suggested. I did put the file in a Codea folder, but I didn’t restart Codea. Not sure what version I’m on. I’ll try it next time I play with the old iPad. Thanks …

@RonJeffries - hi Ron, what model is your iPad and which iOS are you running. There have been a lot of changes in Codea over the last year. How long have you been out if the Codea circuit?

Two of them, new 12.9 Pro and old 12.9 Pro. I think my version is current, though I see no way to quickly get the version number. App Store thinks it’s 2.6.1. Haven’t done much with it for a year, I suppose, but I keep all my apps up to date reliably.

@Simeon I’m still on 2.6.1 until App Store gets over whatever’s on their mind :slight_smile:

@Simeon I had 2.6.3 ver 129 when I tried the restore. I reloaded 2.6.2 ver 130. I created the zip file which was 20.5 MB in size. I have approx 17MB of files in my Dropbox folder so that’s probably adding a lot to the zip file. When I tried the export to Codea, Codea crashed. When I was looking thru the zip file, I noticed a .trash file. In there was the Craft examples. The Craft folder was also showing with all the other projects so I don’t know about the .trash folder. I don’t see why the Example and Craft projects are included in the zip since those can be reloaded thru Codea. Maybe there could be some kind of an option for what gets backed up. For me just my projects. I don’t care about the Craft, Examples, Documents, or Dropbox folders. I can get those anytime.

PS. Maybe there can be different backup programs. One the does just the users projects, another one that does the Dropbox and Documents folders.

@dave1707 - this is an issue I have raised before. I think backup should just back the code up. Will make it fast and compact. But, in addition I think that the addresses for any resources should be compiled and stored with the code. Possibly also a breakdown of asset folders and contents with the filenames. That would enable anyone to reconstruct it.

I am definitely leaning towards development using external backed up resources such as Dropbox - so Simeon’s move towards the Apple filing system looks a good idea.

@RonJeffries - in addition to new machines you are probably up-to-date with iOS. Just be aware there may be an issue with iOS 12 and OpenGL which may affect beta Codea versions.

between new iPad and the rust on my Lua/Codea skills, I think I’ll stay away from beta :slight_smile:

@RonJeffries To view you Codea Version, when you’re at the screen that shows your projects, at the bottom center of the screen is an icon showing 2 stick figures and an x. Tap that and another screen will open and show the Codea version in the upper right of the screen.

thanks. 2.6.1 (120), i have in icloud/files/codea and when i start codea it does not load that project. is there some other step i should be doing?