Renaming copying or starting new files/projects

Likewise. Here is what’s happening. When I try to start a new project the screen or rename a project the screen freezes and I can’t type anything in. I have already reloaded Codea, and reset the iPad to factory settings.
I can still create a new project by copying one of the examples in the iPad file app.
Everything used to work fine.
I can’t see anything in my settings that would cause this.

@congokjt - have you considered re-installing your iPadOS, thinking it may have been corrupted. Then reinstalling Codea (the current one) then, if that fails, possibly installing an older version of Codea?

Could you record a short video - I know the touches aren’t visible but we may pick up on screen features and you could give a text timeline of the video.

Thanks for your response Bri_G.
I think I have solved this problem.
I went to settings, general, keyboard. The shortcuts option was causing the problem. As soon as I turned off all the options Codea started functioning properly. By a process of elimination the shortcuts option was causing the problem. There must be a clash with it.
I haven’t tried the shortcuts, introduced in IOS 12, but I believe they can be very handy.
When I get a chance I will try and eliminate the other problem with the jumpy cursor. I mentioned it in my post on Oct 12.

@congokjt - that’s weird, never looked at the keyboard settings for iOS/iPadOS but just checked now and all the options are set on with my pad. Have you added an external keyboard or another keyboard type?

@Simeon - this is probably a feature of the last post I made with the cursor moving up a line on the last line when the keyboard is in view. But when I copy and paste code into a project the cursor ends up on the last line ie the end statement - but it is placed between the ‘n’ and the ‘d’. Looks like there are additional control codes present after pasting that move the cursor and, when you tap to try to get to the end the cursor jumps up a line.

Could this be a feature of iPadOS change with the keyboard settings like the problem encountered by @congokjt ?

Hi Br_G.
To answer your 6.06 pm post…
I only use the onscreen keyboard. All the keyboards options were on with mine too. I sometimes take out the ”.” when using a songbook app.

The “jumping cursor” situation improved noticeably after I turned off the shortcuts option. I tried them all but none of the others made a difference.
I would guess that the clash with the shortcuts option may be a bug in Codea but what would I know.

@congokjt I don’t think it’s a Codea bug. I have all the keyboard options turned on except for the “.” one. That’s the way it’s been for every iPad I’ve used since I started using Codea. Something else is going on that we’re not thinking of and it’s hard to figure out since we don’t have your iPad to see. That’s why it’s important for you to try different things to see what happens.

You said your iPad is an IPad 5th generation Model 1823 on iOS 14.

Question for everyone reading this.
Does anyone else who uses that iPad model have similar problems.

Hi dave1707
I have tried a couple of things. As I said previously I have tried all the other keyboard settings and none have any effect.

Also I have tried putting the shortcuts option back on. It has no effect on the other coding apps I use.

I have the same problem with Add New Project. I wanted to add a project (to test a code snippet from @dave1707!) and the screen froze on the field to give it a name. I use the latest Codea and almost the latest iPadOS, 14.0.1. My iPad is an iPad Pro, about 3 years old.

As @congokjt found, when I turned off the keyboard shortcuts option, it worked fine. As soon as I turned that back on the problem came back.

@Ceres Is your iPad Pro an iPad Pro 1. I have an iPad Pro 1 and I tried different things and I couldn’t get it to freeze. I checked my keyboard settings and I have Keyboards set to 2 which is English (US) and Emoji. Text Replacement has omw. All the settings are on except “.” which is off. Enable Dictation is off. Memoji Stickers is on. Can you describe exactly what you’re keying and pressing when it hangs then I can try the same thing. I assume when it hangs, pressing everything on the screen does nothing.

Sorry I didn’t see this before: I have an iPad Pro 9.7 inch