Record of deleted users.

User: LarryS

Using a disposable email address and his second post was in the spammer thread asking if we had Mod authorization do to the above posts aka noobatcoding.

There are a few that are annoying me also. They think this is a chat room and need to constantly say something and expect everyone to respond back to them. Some need to learn how to use the “edit” function and stop with multiple post of one liners one right after the other. Or else wait a few minutes before posting so they can put it all in one post.

Brady, with disposable email address, didn’t know how to get a real one, and asked strange questions in the forum.

Either extremely young or trolling, I suspect.

Deleted robthecoder He spammed a hi thread with a hundred smileys and was using Noobatcodings favorite disposable email.

I’ve refused a couple of applications from applicants using yahoo email addresses, where the reason for joining is the same as the chosen user name, and is usually a jumble of letters.

I got caught the first time I approved one, when a spam message appeared. Now I delete them unless the reason for joining makes sense.

Right now, there is another possible one waiting for confirmation, user name ewtjkyl80 with a yahoo address. He better have a good reason for joining!

Here is one I just deleted, there is a pattern here

bgwarbb84 (

reason for joining - bgwarbb84

another one with the yahoo pattern as above, watch for this

qW8rZ1bN2o (

reason for joining - qW8rZ1bN2o

I’m guessing that they are spam bots.

Interesting one, follows the yahoo pattern above, what do you think?

HartgraveN6b (

reason: HartgraveN6b

I haven’t approved yet

I declined this one (didn’t see this post before I did so). I assumed it was the same pattern.

I presume that the form is clear enough that anyone simply repeating their username is a bot.

@Andrew_Stacey - that works for me

I also decline any that have the reason matching the user name. Others that I decline have a bunch of { } in the reason.

@dave1707 the {} are from the bots that can’t figure out what to insert in the reason field.

I just refused approval to a pair of simultaneous applications by khadgar1 and khadgar81, one email at gmail, one at

Reason for joining - I love programming!

Maybe he is genuine but he doesn’t need two memberships.

Deleted 2 nonsense discussions.

@dave1707 I’ve just deleted a nonsense discussion posted by TheRogueBatcher (or whatever his/her name was). Were your two by him/her? If so, I’d go for the “Three strikes and you’re out” rule and say that that’s enough for a ban/block.

And another one.

This one got me as far as clicking on the “Delete account” button. The only thing that stopped me was that I was unsure as to which option to select. Should we keep TheRogueBatcher’s previous posts? I’ve not interacted with him/her all that much so I don’t know if there’s useful stuff in TRB’s posts (or discussions that TRB has contributed to) which will look odd if TRB’s comments disappear.

I love the honesty in this one

rp75qraor (

Reason: cheap jerseys

lol thats to funny.

Getting a ton of user registrations from the domain Very vulgar names but they are answering the reason to join with a valid request. I’m deleting them based on thier very inappropriate names. I have a feeling that noob is back…