print runs fields together

I think there’s a thread about this but I couldn’t find it. Sometimes print prints fields with no space between them. If I recall the reason had something to do with tab stops, but whatever the reason, I respectfully suggest that it needs improvement.

@RonJeffries I posted that problem awhile ago and it was tab stops that we’re creating the problem. There should be a way that if there isn’t a space then the next tab stop should be used.

yes. i claim with the best respect imaginable, that it’s a bug. :slight_smile:

p.s. i hate tabs but do like spaces. tab stops are nice, i suppose, because prints tend to come out columnar, kind of, maybe.

You can put things in tab columns if you use the correct fonts.

i just want to say print x y z and have it readable. i have simple needs. :smile:

I’ve had to use …” “… between variables to separate them or put them in separate print statements.

yes. i claim that’s a bug.

@RonJeffries - don’t think that’s a bug but a feature of filling up tabs to the tab limit, hence losing any space. Kinda like a spreadsheet with fixed length fields. @dave1707 workaround works beautifully and is more flexible.

@Bri_G @RonJeffries Here’s another way that might be easier. Try a,””,b

i know how to make it work. i can think of no other print function anywhere that jams fields together.

Definitely a bug, sorry about the problem with print. Need to look into why that behaviour comes about