Premultiplied query

Hi All,

Most people can just return to the discussions straight away, 'cos I’m going to raise loveCodea again.

I had a previous discussion LoveCodea Problem, which raised an issue with love2D locking up during large image data manipulation. This I thought was due to a memory leak. But couldn’t find out what the problem was.

Then, whilst exploring in another project, I found this link:

Kumilanka link

This link describes my experiences when using loveCodea and pixel updating - hanging up soome tijme after starting - faster with bigger images. @Simeon seemed to indicate this was due to premultiplaction and I think Dylan was working on a fix which worked.

Looking into Love2d and premultiplication I came across the following <a = href"">page for the different versions and how they are applied.

OK, I’m a bit green with this - why should premultiplicatiopn mode generate errors, when we are talking about fixed image reading and writing (looking for a scrolling effect). Is there anyone out there who could suggest a way to approach this? Love2D does seem to have a command for setting blendmode but I need to know what the best testing regime would be for this and what the different modes imple. Surely the 32 bit maths used in all the options should not lead to memory leaks!!!

Hope someone can help.