PhysicsLab ray casting & aabb demo is broken I think

@Simeon, the PhysicsLab demo for raycasting and aabb seems to be broken on my iPad Pro.

Specifically, the pink box is, I think, supposed to only turn pink when the rolling circles cross it, and be grey all other times, but instead it’s just always pink.

@UberGoober Make this change in test7 of the PhysicsLab demo and see if it works.

    self.aabb = {vec2(500,80), vec2(600,180)}

@dave1707 thanks, I should have said that originally. I’m not having a problem getting it to work myself, I think it’s a problem that part of an example project isn’t working on its own.

@UberGoober Theres a lot of things that might not work. It’s just a matter of finding all of them. Not to mention that every time there a new release, something else might not work. It’s just an ongoing situation.

@dave1707 are you saying I should have posted this in the beta thread? I posted it in the main bugs thread because it didn’t seem to be related to things being changed in the beta.

@UberGoober You’re good. Those bugs have been there from the start. It’s just nobody noticed them until you did. It doesn’t matter where they’re posted, @Simeon will eventually fix the examples.

@UberGoober thanks for the report! I’ll fix the example using @dave1707’s suggested fix

@Simeon, @dave1707 the change fixes one out of four scenarios, counting landscape mode and portrait mode on both iPad and iPhone.

On my iPad, it works in landscape mode, but in portrait mode the demo breaks a different way: the little box that’s supposed to continually bounce only bounces once and then lands on the ground to the right of the vertical line.

On my iPhone 8, it doesn’t work in any mode. In portrait mode the box isn’t visible at all and in landscape mode, when the bouncing box ends up falling on the ground, it falls in front of the big circle, stopping it, so the circle never hits the box and the box never activates.

I suspect that all the sizes have to be calculated proportional to screen dimensions, or it’s always gonna risk failing one way or another.