When i push a image to pasteboard. It gets mangled.
If i try to paste it again, i get the 1/4 lower left corner of original image and half the width of that same original image.
If I sprite the same image that I pushed onto pasteboard, i do not get that error. What Ipad do I have, the new one with the little contact. Can it be a retina problem?

What do you mean by push an image to the pasteboard. You have to be more specific about what you’re doing. Do you have any code that you’re using that shows what you’re doing and the problem you’re getting.

Hi @oscarserud,

Are you using image.copy() to put it into the pasteboard? The code where you created the image then copied is what we need to see. The details of the image would also be useful.



Here’s a simple example that shows an image from the pasteboard. All I do is display an image somewhere, get a copy icon to show, and press the copy icon to place it in the pasteboard. I then run the below program to display it in Codea. It displays the correct size image.


function setup()

function draw()