Needs sounds. Anyone has a good way of composing music?

Using Bortels fonts

Edit: credit to this guy for such a detailed description of how everything in pacman works

Edit (by Simeon): Including a screenshot


Fantastic job! I’m having some control issues, but I think that’s just a matter of my clumsy finger. Looks perfect.

Everything is very sharp, right down to he direction of the eyes. Impressive work.

Holy crap @ruilov, you’re an artist. An amazing, retro-game building, artist.

@Fred and @Ipda41004 have a music playing framework here:

I looked at the way you drew the triangle for Pacman’s mouth. Very clever, and we really need to add a proper triangle primitive.

Mark, swipe anywhere on the screen to move. You can move ahead of time too.

Simon thanks! Will look at the music stuff. I’m guessing at least in theory possible to compose the original music

It’d be lovely if you also post the screenshot of the game on the posterous site. I’ll look into it as soon as I got my iPad. :smiley:

This is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

I’ll have a go at arranging the music for you.

This Pacman has the Best control ever on a iDevice/Touchscreen. Great Job.

Ok, this is awesome! This game should be featured as official example in the next Codea update. Of course, if @ruilov allows it. :slight_smile:

@bee We would love to, but I think Namco won’t like it

@ruilov Wow. Extremely impressive! Great work and thanks for sharing it!

@simeon : Even for educational purpose? I thought it’d be tolerated. Unless if @ruilov or TwoLivesLeft intents to sell it or take any direct commercial benefit from it. CMIIW.

Well technically it would be considered selling it, as Codea is a paid app and any examples add to the value of the app. @ruilov’s implementation is really, really nice though. Really nice.


we really need to add a proper triangle primitive.

An arc too. :slight_smile:

@bee yes, arc too. Triangle first though.

@Fred, that would be very cool. I know zero about music unfortunately.

@ruilov, try this ABC arrangement with the ABCPlayerCodea music framework mentioned above. Let me know if you get stuck, but going by your cool project you should be fine!

`ABCtune =

…'T:Pac Man Theme

…'C:Toshio Kai (???) arr. Fred Bogg Copyright NAMCO





…’[B,B]b^f[B^d] b/2^f3/2^dB [C,C]c\‘g[Ce] c\’/2g3/2[Ce]C|

…’[B,B]b^f[B^d] b/2^f3/2^dB ^d/2e/2[^gf]f/2^f/2[^ag]g/2^g/2ab2’

@Fred, can’t wait to try it

incorporating Fred’s music:

I tried to make the wacka-wacka sound when eating dots but no cigar. I think the duration of the sound is important, specially when turning corners since Pacman speeds up around corners.

I tried your wacka-wacka sound, and it seemed ok to me… But I’m not a Pac Man expert!