Pacman is np hard:

No idea what this actually means but it’s a good headline

FWIW - the mesh() in 1.3 is a proper triangle primitive. Just sayin.

I was going to mention that…

how the way I can use iexplorer to copy over .codea into my ipad since latest codea doesn’t allow direct .codea open from safari? :frowning:

I opened the .codea file in textastic (ignoring the warning that it is a binary file), and copied the code from there. However when you do that you need to make sure that you don’t copy any binary pieces that exist between the classes, because you get very strange behavior if you do! has both a perl script you can download to decode .codea files and a web-based application that can decode them, that displays the results on a page that’s very friendly to copy/paste on the ipad.

Holy shit dude! This is incredible! Love your work man :slight_smile:

Wow! @ruilov, this is seriously, seriously impressive! It feels exactly right :slight_smile:

I really have loved this for a while. I’m thinking about making this multiplayer and adding settings. Just 'cause I love this app. And @Sebstian - **cough cough language cough** Not everyone on these forums are over 18 (I’m only 12). But I do feel like saying that when i see something awesome like this.


@Zoyt I guess I got a little overexcited XD

@Sebastion - Truly understand. And totally agree.

@ruilov, I tried the link but it says posterous spaces is no longer available… Is there any other way to get it?

@JakAttak all of @ruilov’s great projects are on his Github now:

Awesome, thanks @Simeon