Need a general overview

For completeness, and introductory stuff in the built-in docs would be nice:

  • coordinates are from lower-left corner, extend right (x) and up (y)
  • The two “magic” methods: setup() and draw()
  • Classes and other modules are automatically “imported” into the Main namespace


Welcome to the Codea forums.

The best place for bugs and such like is on the issue tracker: Generally, we post bugs on the forum if we expect to discuss them for some reason in the community. This isn’t the best place for the developers to keep track of bugs.

Hmm - those are less bug reports, and more non-obvious observations that might be useful to a newcomer.

One other thing missing (I just went and looked) is a big, obvious link to the wiki, located at

hlship, welcome aboard. here’s your mop :slight_smile: The TLL guys read this forum lots, so you can count on their having seen the suggestion to add this to the built-in docs - but if you wanted to drop by the wiki and either point out a good spot for that, or add it in (I trust you!), you’re welcome to do so - I think there will be people following on who will find that useful.

Actually, I should have posted this to the suggestions category.

In any case, I’m having fun here, and with Love2d.

For the next release I’ve put a bit more general-overview type sections into the docs. Especially explaining setup() and draw().

Edit: regarding your third point, classes and modules aren’t really imported into Main. What happens is Codea passes all the tabs to the Lua interpreter in the order they appear. This is why draggable tabs were introduced, so you could change the ordering in the case of a sub-class dependency.