@Briarfox, @dave1707 (and anyone else who wants to comment) - I think we need to talk about NatTheCoder.

  1. He has been a member for a year, and in that time, has learned minimal Codea. He asked the other day how to add numbers together. He has tried to post code on occasion, but it has been largely borrowed, and does very little. None of this disqualifies him as a member, but it does suggest he isn’t ever going to learn enough to write a program (and he has no appreciation of that).

  2. He has a habit of spraying messages like “good work” on old and new posts, even if the code doesn’t work. This is irritating but again, doesn’t disqualify him as a member.

  3. SkyTheCoder correctly called him out on some copied code a day or two ago, and he has just sent a PM to Sky saying “I hate you and its because your acting like a parent.” It could be worse, of course (and he hasn’t abused me for the several messages I’ve sent him in the past), but we don’t want this behaviour in the forum.

My feeling is that he is trying, and he is not a troll, but he is immature, doesn’t have the social skills to behave properly, and is a disruptive influence. Also that he is in totally the wrong place for whatever talents he may have. So I think he - and we - would all be better off if he did something else. However, maybe he hasn’t sinned sufficiently for us to ban him.

I have tried reasoning with him a number of times, but it makes no difference. I don’t think he’s as bad as aurumcoder, but I’d like your opinion on how to handle him.

He just tried to get back in. Deleted him again.

here we go again


good summary. Not easy case.

How about we just delete his “good work” type of posts. I don’t know off hand if that puts the discussion back to its original position of it stays at the top of the list. I too just looked at when he joined, Sept 2013, and was wondering the same thing. He been on the forum for a year and doesn’t seem to have any programming skills at all. I also looked thru previous posts and found where he said he was 13. I don’t know him personally, so I don’t know what his problem is. Maybe he’s handicapped in some way and this is helping him somewhat. I don’t want to delete him unless he gets really bad.

Ok, but I’m going to give him a warning about abusing other forum users.

I’m with @dave1707 on this. Delete his useless posts and warn him. He’s really young and it may take him some time before he’s able to understand lua and Codea.

hum… He is getting really… annoying, with all those posts about nothing. And does not contribute at all. He obviously needs some people to talk to, but i dont think we are the appropriate community for a therapy.

I agree, you beat me to the post. Just edited some of his to – since I can’t confirm deletion.

i am still on ios7, i can delete the posts you have turn into – for you if you want?

By all means @jmv38.

He says he has aspergers.
“Individuals with AS experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction”.
“They have a hard time picking up on unwritten social rules”

I think we know he is young, and behaves immaturely, and has learned almost nothing in a year. He is an annoyance in our forum, and has taken no notice of many warning. So the question is whether we would be unfair to ban him.

I can’t see that he can be doing much in Codea, given the tiny handful of lines he has written (or just copied). I don’t see how he is ever going to write any programs in Codea. He also has no relationships with anyone that we know of.

Accordingly, although he hasn’t committed any major offenses, I think it would be best for both us and him if we parted company. I’m sure he will find another forum to bug, soon enough.

He is kind of annoying at times, but it seems to be in spurts. I’m not in any hurry to delete him, maybe just the posts for now. If he starts to argue about the deleted posts then he should be considered for deleting.

Perhaps you haven’t seen him arguing with me about resurrecting old posts…

I just saw his latest post. So I’m leaning towards deleting him.

when is ‘too much’ too much? (check his last post).
My feeling is ‘ok, enough now. Bye’

He is annoying, but he isn’t offensive. How about for now we just delete his posts or replace his comments with “comment deleted”. If he ask why, we tell him, and if he persists after that then we delete him. For now, I’m neutral.

I deleted his last comment and a reference to it. Let’s see if he says anything about that.

I’m for deletion, I had to remove an insulting post yesterday, and then he posted some completely borrowed sniper code, wasting everyone’s time

I’ve had enough of babysitting him, he is never going to write any code.

I vote delete.