Well, if he’s deleted, I already have his address in the banned list.

How can I delete Nat when he always tells me I’m doing a good job.

I can’t take much more of this - insulting and totally unhelpful (probably ignorant too)

@Paintcannon Woah! Your code is really formatted wrong and you have several things wrong with your code.”

=)) your number one fan

I’ll vote for delete.

ok, we have three votes for deletion, with Jmv38, with no dissentions

he is now gone.

I just accepted “notNatTheCoder” because the IP address isn’t close to NatTheCoder. But she says she’s new here, so how does she know about NatTheCoder. Should keep an eye on her. I wonder if NatTheCoder got a relative or friend from somewhere else to join and he’ll use the username to get in the forum.

I sent a PM to notNatTheCoder asking “if she’s new to the forum”, how she knew about NatTheCoder.

I’m also a little suspicious of her email address.

Style is Nat, name and email is dead giveaway, I’m voting delete already

The problem is, Nat’s in Dallas, Texas, and notNat’s in Toronto, Canada according to the ip addresses. If we delete notNat then we’ll be on the lookout for him to get in again. If this is really Nat, I’d rather keep an eye on him/her and if it gets out of hand then delete.

I’m guessing it’s an ip spoofing trick

I don’t want someone with that email address anyway, do you? It’s just bad news, as was everything about that message, ie even if it isn’t Nat, I don’t want him here.

I was thinking of deleting him/her right after I accepted them. But then I didn’t have any proof of anything. I vote delete. But if he can spoof the ip, then he’ll just keep coming back.

He may come back. And we’ll keep deleting. The thing about him and aurum and the others, is they can’t resist acting like morons. So they stand out very clearly.

I’m going to delete him.

He’s been calling my phone and sending me messages. He seems quite upset.

I’ll ask him to email me if he likes. (Edit: he refused to send me an email and instead demands I talk on iMessage or take his calls. I am blocking him.)

Simeon, he has been a complete pest ever since he joined, as I noted in the first message above. We’ve also had complaints from other members about PMs sent to them. Please keep him out.

I don’t intend to reverse your decision — you know better than I would who behaves and misbehaves around here.

ok, thanks

I didn’t think he was that persistent! It’s really not that hard to play nice.