My new Codea website (Need feedback on new theme ideas)

I just wanted to share my new Codea website. It’s in development right now, but it will do. Find it here.

heh - URL?

Crap. Sorry. I edited it. Thanks @Bortels

Wow. I just totally overhauled it with a new one. Check it out. Much cooler.

Hey everyone, I just want to know if you guys even look at my website. Blog on it a fair amount. Please do check it out.

It crashed my iPad1 but it’s nice

@Ipda41001 - Just now? Recently? A few weeks ago I was expiramenting with redirecting users from the home page and that didn’t work. Did you try it again? Thanks or the feedback!
Edit: Just visited my website and it crashed Safari. Strange. I’ll look into it.

@Andrew_Stacey - Finally fixed it. It was the animations. And by the way everyone, I added a few aspects to it :slight_smile:

Nice Website! I like the ‘00101011110101001’ in the background :slight_smile:

Good work, but the colour choices aren’t too great. Yellow text on a green/black background hurts my eyes. Its pretty noisy visually (lots of edges and overlapping text.)

Nice scripting on the banner though, and the general layout makes sense.

Thanks guys! And @Dylan - I can’t find many other colors that work, so everything on the background is white now. And where exactly are edges overlapping text? I do agree it’s a little busy though. I’ll see if I can eliminate some objects in the articles in the blogs.

Looking at it makes me feel a decade younger!

@foobargaz - Thanks! And why does it make you feel younger?

Because looking at it makes me feel like it’s 2002 or earlier.

But that’s a good thing. Charm is rare in a world of samey sites.

@Zoyt - I’m just going to comment on the visual part of your website since I believe the content is just fine :slight_smile:

I believe a website should use readability over style.

Although a nice old school touch, I think the binary matrix themed background is painful for the eyes.
The fact that you are using a grey, green and white background is distracting too.
I would therefore just work with white background for content, and that grey lego cover for body background.

As for the menu, you might want the submenu to trigger over the zone rather than the text so it won’t require as much precision with the mouse.
I’m not sure red is the ideal color too, but I believe the text should be bigger.

Also, do not use multiple sub menus. One is tolerable, but the more you add, the more painful it gets (especially if the user ‘mousesout’ and has to start navigating through it all over again).

You may also want to increase the space between the news as it’s not easy enough to tell them apart.



Thanks @Xavier! Would a simple blueprint feel look good? I’ll put up test in a second.

Theme’s a little messy right now, but LMK what you think.

@Zoyt - oh wow, love the blueprint idea, this looks so awesome :smiley:
I actually feel like stealing it :stuck_out_tongue:
Something like measurements in white chalk on dark background would be pretty fitting for my own website… mmm…

Apart from that, you might want to widen the content area a little bit, but not too much. Like around 200pixels, this way it would still look good on 1024*768 (which is the minimum resolution now really) and not look too tiny on bigger screens such as my iMac 27.

Keep up the good work !



Thanks @Xavier! I’ll fix it up a little!
Edit: Alright. Fixed part of it… I also had some other cool ideas… I’ll post them. Tell me if i should combine some of the ideas.