My new Codea website (Need feedback on new theme ideas)

Alright. So I put up a few tests so you guys can choose what you like and what I should combine and take out. I really like test 2, so you can see. I originally used some of these for other websites, so I can always change these. Here they are:
Test 1
My verdict: Buggy, but fixable. Slightly blan too. I like a little more gloss.
Test 2
My verdict: I really like it. I like how the buttons grow when hovered over. I also like how I did the dark look. I need to fix the background.
Test 3
My verdict: Slightly catchy, not too much. Little bright in my opinion and not very close to a coding theme.
Test 4
My verdict: Meh… Not too interesting…
and of corse, my newest theme I applied to my real website.
Check them out! Please let me know what you think. And by the way, the images in the image gallery are all made from scratch by me. I’m slightly multi talented.
P.S. Comments are coming…
Edit: Sorry about the web view problem. Ignore it.

I like your blueprint theme, @Zoyt!