(Minor) Shade bug?

Hi @John

When I launch a Shade project, and then exit and return to the file browser, the Shade icon image no longer updates to show how that shader looks. I just see the default file icon. It worked fine until this most recent update.


p.s. Where can I see the Shade version in the app?!

@brianolive I think that bug is my fault, I changed the way icons generate. Will check it out

@brianolive are you on iOS 13.4? I mistakenly set the Icon generator app deployment to 13.4 (while Shade supports down to 12.4). So it won’t generate icons on anything less than 13.4. Fixing for next update

Yes, 13.4.1. Thanks!

Ok, what gives…I woke up this morning and my Shader projects from last night all suddenly had their shader preview icons…did my OS update overnight? It’s possible. So anyway, I’m back in business on 13.4.1

Shade now generates icons through an app extension (it runs independently of Shade by iOS). It’s possible that the app extension wasn’t running or was somehow messed up until iOS decided to restart it