Lemmings game

Hello everyone!
Here you have a version of the 90’s famous game, Lemmings. There are only 5 levels, but you can try all Lemming’s special skills, the game doesn’t have music because the file would be too large to send. I hope you can play properly in all kinds of Ipad.
I guess you all know how to play.

@domingo Looks like a nice game, but how do you make them do something. I pressed everything and everywhere but nothing responds. Never really played the original, so I’m not sure of the controls.

This is pretty impressive!

Doesn’t scale correctly on iPhone 8 though. Much of the play are is not visible.

@domingo nice port of a great game - thanks for sharing, works perfectly on iPad Air
@dave1707 at bottom of screen select what you want the lemming to do, dig, parachute etc… (skill only available if there is a number shown). Once skill selected, tap the lemming you want to empower. Some actions act immediately (stop, blow-up etc.) and others act when needed (climb, parachute etc)

@timber Thanks. I didn’t remember that after you select something you have to then tap a person. I don’t normally play games, so I probably played the original once or twice when it first came out and didn’t remember much about it.

Your mission is to take the lemmings to the door, in order to achive it you need to select the type of lemming in the lower menu, (miner, climber, bomber….) and then click on the lemming to do it.

@domingo you should be able to use the web repo to upload the project with the music

@domingo - thanks for that, very timely I’ve been looking for a retro rom lemmings and emulator to show my grandkids the game. This is true to the original, even looks like the original graphics !!! Any plans to add more levels.

Is the response poorer on an iPad, seems like tapping doesn’t always get the response every time. Is this at the original aspect ratio?

Very neat, waiting for more. Thanks again.

I tried and failed to scale this to my iPhone screen.
The level and the toolbar are in the right size and place I think but as you’ll see the lemmings and the hitboxes for touches are not.

The game was designed for any size iPad, but not iPhone. On my IPhoneX, Codea gives me a resolution of 320x693, which I think is too little for this game. A version only for iPhone should be made.

@Ubergoober - I think the Amiga 500 had several resolutions depending on colour range. I think Lemmings was on 640 by 512 with 16 colours. Trying to condense that could be difficult as the aspect ratio on it was about 5:4 so distortion would occur. Probably the best way to implement it would be with a scrollable screen larger than the phone screen.

I’ll have a look at the graphics to see if there could be a way around it but I think the the images of the Lemmings themselves could be limiting as the sprites are so small (making the touch a little bit hit and miss) - I was amazed to see it on my iPad.

320x683, unless I’m mistaken, is the size in points, not pixels.

Points are the units used by Apple to ensure consistent sizes across different screen resolution, I think.

I believe 750 x 1334 is the actual pixel resolution on an iPhone 8, way more than needed for any Amiga game. ( https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_iphone_8-8573.php )

Here’s a screenshot from my adjusted version BTW.

You can see that the toolbar and background seem to be scaled correctly, but the entrance and exit are in the wrong place, and you can see the lemmings are walking around, but if you let them keep walking their boundaries don’t match the art.

Since I don’t know the code well at all, I just looked for hard-coded values and replaced them with ratios to WIDTH, with clumsy results—for example I had no idea what the variable “mou” was supposed to represent, so I just made it zero—but for someone who actually understands the code well, I’d think getting the ratios right would be pretty simple.

@UberGoober - I get the point, what is a point if it’s not a pixel? Are points grouped to make pixels?

The main difference is between electrons hitting phosphor screens versus current passing down an organic chain to light a point/pixel on a OLED screen.

Due to advances in technology points/pixels have been reduced in size but digits(fingers) haven’t so the touch function on a phone with compressed graphics won’t respond as well as on larger screens. I still think a scrolling screen beyond the phone screen dimensions is the best option here.

Nice screen update by the way, still trying with mine.

Edit: Bit of digging explains the difference -


@domingo - error thrown up if you tap on the two paw prints button.

@doming - coincidence or not ? Just found latest generation of Lemmings on the Apple store.

@Bri_G wouldn’t you want to at least try a simply scaled version before adding a whole other feature set?

It’s a simple matter of replacing every hard-codes value with a ratio, it doesn’t even take any real coding.

You do have to understand, however, what the variables stand for, which I don’t.

Someone who understands the variables should be able to do it in under half an hour.

@domingo - sounds like it’s back to you, can you use @UberGoober 's modified graphics?

@UberGoober - simple scaling would be the quickest way forward, but like you I haven’t fully digested the code yet.

Hello @UberGoober I also started making a scaled version, let me send you one of the tests I did. However there is a problem because the game checks the quantity of screen pixels to move the lemmings and it is very difficult to know if it will work with any size of iPad or iPhone. That’s why I have finally made one unique version that works with any iPad model, but I’m pretty sure there are better ways to do so.
If someone is interested, I can send a better version to WebRepo, of the version only for ipad.