Keyboard Gesture Bug

While using the keyboard gestures, if you use the extra keys above the keyboard specially the ones having the numbers and brackets and equality sign and not equal to… Then the gestures don’t work unless I hide the keyboard and then bring it back up.

Does anyone have this problem??

I’ve never turned the gestures on. Just tried it. What are the gestures? All I see is a swipe left/right move one space left/right.

@Briarfox same here the only thing that happens is the carat moves left/right and up/down but I think the up/down might only apply for the carat moving button at the top of the keyboard

@Briarfox the gestures are actually on top of the keyboard. Drag anywhere on the keyboard to move the cursor. Hold shift and drag to select.

Thanks @Simeon I didnt know that. You can also use it with a bt keyboard. If you drag twice it will highlight!