iOS11 and Codea?

while awaiting the new version of Codea, is the current version ‘useable’ with the new iOS11?

I’ve been using it successfully since the early iOS 11 betas.

@piinthesky I have both versions of Codea, the lastest Craft and the latest regular version. I would check how they work on iOS 11, but it shows in my update screen that iOS 11 is 1.8 GB in size. I looked thru the list of what’s new in that version and I would say that 98% is total garbage for me. I think Apple ran out of useful things and is just adding whatever they can think of just to say they have a new release. You look thru the complaints from users about other releases and it doesn’t seem like Apple fixes anything that’s wrong. So I don’t think I’ll load iOS 11 anytime soon. If I do load iOS 11 at some point, I wonder how much stuff I’ll have to delete to make enough room for the update.

@dave1707 are you trolling us? :stuck_out_tongue: iOS 11 is the biggest update for iPad there’s ever been. Multitasking improvements, drag-and-drop, access to the file system via the Files app. If/ when 3rd-party-apps add support for things like the new document browser and file provider extensions and drag-and-drop, it will make a massive difference to productivity apps on iPad.

And that’s before you get to fun stuff like ARKit (tho you need a newer device for that, A9 or later), which looks like it will be supported in CodeaCraft.

Updated smoothly to iOS11 and so far codea works fine.
The new dock and app switching is great, the AR looks impressive. Very impatient for the new CodeaCraft with AR!

@piinthesky What type of iPad do you have and how much memory. How much free memory did you have when you did the update. I have a 16GB iPad Air with 4.57GB free.

My iPad Air is also 16GB running iOS 11 and Codea works great, although some of my projects crash Codea when I leave the app and return.

IOS 11 installed OK no issues. IPad Pro now 11.0.
So far don’t see the benefits but early days. File manager looks interesting but have problems moving files from folder to folder on iCloud.

Are we able to use enhanced file management in Codea yet?

Whoopee, just tried file manager this morning after rebooting my pad and the file movement now obvious. Problem with File Manager must have been hangover from last night‘s 11 installation

@dave1707 i’m using a ipad pro 12.9 (first version) with 128GB. As i have a lot memory, i didn’t bother to keep a track of the free space. When is your birthday? you should treat yourself!

@piinthesky I also have an iPad Pro 12.9 128GB. The iPad Pro is big and heavy so I prefer to use the iPad Air when using Codea.

@yojimbo2000 No I’m not trolling. Looking thru the list of things included in iOS 11, here are some things I don’t understand why they’re in the operating system.

  1. Indoor maps for major airports and shopping centers
  2. Lane guidance and speed limit information with Turn-by-turn directions
  3. All-new App Store designed for discovering great apps and games everyday
  4. New Today tab helps you discover new apps and games with stories, how-to guides, and more
  5. New Games tab to find new games and see what’s most popular with top game charts
  6. Dedicated Apps tab with top picks, dedicated app charts, and app categories
  7. App pages include more video previews, Editors’ Choice badges, easier access to user ratings, and information about in-app purchases

These are just a few of the things in the iOS 11 list that I don’t understand. An operating system should do just that, operate the system for the device being used. If you want other things, there’s an app for that. Maybe my idea of an operating system is different from everyone else’s. I usually wait a week or so before I update to the latest OS just to make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

Finding the new App Store a pain. Looking for alternative to GoodReader as not iOS 11 compatible and seems to be a problem with the search page on the store. Long busy periods just watching the loading animation and flipping between screens. Actually entering search text difficult with page flipping. Very poor for an Apple system.
Need to get a network and Cloud (not iCloud) manager. Any suggestions?

@Bri_G I agree the new App Store is awful. I find Documents 5 an excellent file manager and actually prefer it to GoodReader. The new files app may also work for you, but for me it is total junk.

The Files app was described at WWDC as just a wrapper over the new DocumentBrowserViewController. Depending on the takeup of the DBVC, it means that iOS productivity apps will have the same open/ save dialog, like apps do on Mac or Windows. You can save and create files anywhere. It means there’s not a lot of point in apps having their own iCloud containers like they’ve had to have in the past. Working on an iPad will be a lot more like working on a PC.

One annoyance with Files is that it sets itself as the default app for common filetypes like pdf. Its pdf viewer is really underpowered, annoying if you have much more capable pdf viewers on your system. But then, with drag-and-drop, you can just drag and drop the pdf into PdfExpert. I think Files should be single-repsonsibility, just for manipulating files, and shouldn’t open anything at all.

Overall though, having a common system across all apps for manipulating files with tagging, file providers, multiple item drag-and-drop massively outweighs gripes like that. @em2 I’m curious why you think it’s junk? In the past we’ve needed swiss-army-knife apps like Readdle Documents, which covers file manipulating, pdf markup, unzipping etc, because iOS has been so sandboxed. But now we won’t need those multi-use apps. You’ll have one app just for zip/ unzip, one for pdf markup, one for moving files into folders etc, just like on the desktop.

@yojimbo2000 What really irritates me about the files app is that it forces you to use iCloud Drive to store your documents. When backups fill up the free quota, annoying messages will pop up unstoppably without warning until you choose to upgrade to their pricey plans.

With all my files organized in (Readdle) Documents, the new DocumentBrowserViewController has broken access to it from webpages and I can no longer upload files. I will check now to see if the app update fixes the problem.

I’ve got absolutely no problem with most of the other changes Apple has made, except for the hideous new App Store. I am especially looking forward to many other apps integrating drag and drop features. Maybe Codea will too?

Aha! Upon updating [the app], location uploading works. I’ll still probably stick to it as my main file manager on iOS until Apple decides to allow offline storage.

@em2 Files doesn’t make you use iCloud. Any 3rd party app that implements the new FileProvider API is available as a storage location in Files (in “Locations” in the top-left corner). Some 3rd party providers might not have updated yet (the Dropbox one just came out yesterday). I don’t know about Readdle Documents, but PDF Expert (also by Readdle) is also available as a location.

@yojimbo2000 exactly my problem. I can browse the location from Files, but it’s unnecessary to use it because I can just use the app that provides the location, in my case Documents. File transfer between apps can be done with “Open in…” or drag and drop. I never use iCloud drive. Therefore (to me), it’s junk.

Hi All,
just looking at the Voronoi mapping from @em2 and found a slight issue with iOS11 and bottom controls in a running project. Found, whilst trying to take a project image or stepping out of run-mode, that the multi tasking panel pops up. Not a major issue but would be useful to avoid it by relocating the buttons to another corner.