iOS 11 beta bugs

Has anyone found any bugs in Codea on iOS 11?

Occasionally, Codea will not make any sound when I call sound() or use the sound picker. Music still works.

@em2 To delete your own post, tap the gear icon at the upper right of the post. There’s a delete option there. I deleted your other discussion. Can you show an example of what your trying to do with sound that’s not working.

Maybe your volume is disabled?

@TokOut He said that music works, which means the volume is OK. @em2 How many projects do you have. You might need to save them someplace and delete Codea and reload it.

@dave1707 the OP says they’re on the beta of iOS 11. It’s still relatively early in the iOS beta cycle (public beta 2 I guess), so unless it’s something you can readily reproduce in Codea, I wouldn’t bother reporting it.

@yojimbo2000 If I remember correctly, there was another post quite awhile ago where someone was having a problem with Codea sound. I think they deleted Codea and reloaded it and things were OK after that. I don’t know if I could find that post or not to verify that’s what actually happened.

@yojimbo2000 I did a search and I myself reported once that the sound wasn’t working on my iPad Air with Codea. My response was that I shutdown the iPad and restarted it again and the sound worked. That was back in Feb 2016. Other searches showed where the sound worked for some things but not Codea. The fix was that the mute was on and once they turned the mute off, things worked in Codea.

Thanks. My mute isn’t off, and sound() does work occasionally, but I have to quit Codea to make it work.