iCloud project does not show up in dependencies list

Codea 3.11(469)

First off, thank you for adding iCloud support. I like to go back and forth between my Mac and iPad, this will make things so much easier! This will also make it easier to share projects with my kids.

That said, you can’t make dependencies with projects that have been moved to iCloud. The list shows projects in Documents, and a project in iCloud is technically no longer in “Documents”. Please mix iCloud projects in with the Documents list, or create another iCloud section.


  1. Create Project A
  2. Move Project A to iCloud
  3. Create Project B
  4. Go → dependencies
    → Project A doesn’t show up in the list of projects


  1. Create Project A
  2. Create Project B
  3. Add Project B and a dependency on Project A
  4. Add code to project A that uses code in Project B (verify it runs)
  5. Move project B to iCloud.
  6. Run Project A
    → Project crash due Missing symbols that are defined in Project B

Main.lua:10: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘ProjBObject’)

Hi @Raleigh

In the latest Codea version you can now use the require function to do this!


The require function can do the same with projects not on iCloud too using asset.documents.yourprojectname.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Steppers,

That works like a charm. Thanks.

Still, it would be nice if the asset and dependency browsers had an iCloud section in addition to the other sections: Documents, Built-in, Craft, Examples. Chalk it up as a feature request instead of a bug, then.


Thanks @Raleigh for bringing this up. We should be showing iCloud there so your first assessment was correct, it’s a bug. @Steppers is also correct in pointing you to require, instead. We plan on deprecating the old dependency metadata in favor of require (but it’s still our oversight not to include iCloud there)

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