hundreds of utilities's examples with screenshots

hundreds of utilities’s examples. Source codes sorted by themes ( demo 2d, demo 3d, gui, multitouch, mesh, physics, shaders, ect ) with screenshots for beginners and others.

here is the web page :


There’s just one problem.

I recognise many of these as the work of other people, and some of them are mine, but none of them are credited. While it’s useful to collect the best work from the forum, I’d prefer credit to be given to the people that did all the work.

What is the purpose of the collection?

i know ignatz, for the credit, it’s an long work to find all the credit and website.
I’ll delete the page as I did not find the names of all authors. sorry.

the aim is to provide examples for beginners that block on a subject and then create their own codes, shared by the image. it’s easier with pictures

I’m not saying you should necessarily delete it, but it does look odd when someone makes a page on their own site which all comes from other people, without anything stating it.

I think you should at least put a note at the top that says something like “These projects were created by a number of different Codea users, and shared in the Codea forum. If your work is included here and you would like me to give you credit, please contact me at xxxx”.

And let’s see what other people think about this…

…and as I said in my first reply. it is very useful to have such a big collection as this, so don’t throw it away just yet…just be polite to the people who did the work :wink:

thank you I have already started the research work of the authors but sometimes difficult because many authors have contributed to the same work

The main thing is that you make it clear it isn’t your work. I’m sure most people (including me) won’t mind too much if their name isn’t included, as long as someone else doesn’t take credit for their work.

But as I said above, let’s just wait and see what other people think.

@Ignatz I can’t see the website, so I’m not sure of any of my projects are on it (Most likely not) But I feel strongly different, if you spent hours, working hard on your project, only to come onto someone else website that just says: “These projects were created by a number of different Codea users, and shared in the Codea forum.” I would feel frustrated that the author of said website found the projects, yet couldn’t find the sources, if he got them from Codea Community, then it would say the author name right by the project, if he got it from the forum, then just look who posted their link to the project.

I agree with @Ignatz - a lot of time and effort goes into the contributed code on here. Its all in the most part done completely altruistically with no individual gain, other than to help others. At the very least, attributing these to the individual authors should be paramount - even a simple comment line at the top of each code snippet indicating the author might be an option.

@hpsoft , I really do like the idea of your collection - maybe it should be linked to the wiki?

See this page for an idea of layout (Hpsoft, don’t delete, we may be able to use your collection, but let people see what you did first)

Unwritten rule #6. :wink:

Swoosh is by @Drablos

Snake is by @West

Snooker is by @Ignatz

3D StackIt is by @Zoyt

Dominoes is by @Saurabh

@SkyTheCoder +10 xD

The sites already down?? updated with all authors
and bomberman project

Apparently I’m missing something. I don’t see any way to see code or is this an iPad 1 problem of mine.

you can download the code while clicking on the title of the routine.
it’s a long txt format with all class, long press on new codea project to split differents class. I have iPad 2.

@hpsoft Thanks, that works. Apparently I was tapping on everything else and not getting anything. Keep up the good work.

@hpsoft heeeey why isn’t my binairo on there? xD

why not but more difficult than candy crush saga lol with 2^64 combinaisons !!!

Hahaha, it isn’t difficult at all, candy crush saga has a lot to do with some random things, and just having a lot of luck with having the right blocks, but my binairo is just a puzzle game, with very very very logical rules, tho it could take some time to solve them, but it isn’t just guessing, there’s a logic in it :wink: