how do you upload apps to the app store from codea for the iPad

am quite worried as I have spent ages creating a game and dont want to have to creat it again so I can upload it

xCode and the Codea Runtime Library. Sticky at the top of the forum.

Here is a blog on it.

part 1:


.@zodiac20016 the next version of Codea will have Xcode export as well.

.@simeon You are truly awesome! Looking forward to an updated, “whats to come in 1.5.2” :slight_smile:

.@Simeon then i’ll have no excuse left not to buy a mac… Damned!

.@Jmv38 - you will still need a Mac to run Xcode.

Or you could use VMware

.@Reefwing I think @Jmv38 means that he would have to buy a mac to use the exported projects.

on re-reading his post, I think you are correct. I thought he was looking for an excuse! Everyone should have at least one mac…

Agreed - I just gave in to my desire/need and bought a 13" air (my first mac since the original mac many years ago…which I programmed in Turbo pascal)

Now i HAVE to finish my projects (to justify the expense) – motivation.

(The fact that the next version will export xCode is great.)

Speaking of which – and off-topic sort-of – any good recommendations for a intro to xCode/OSX programming for an old-school C programmer? My OOP experience is all Borland Pascal, and while I know C++ I’m not a big fan.

.@akiva Apple’s documentation is quite good. I generally recommend that people start there. In particular, check out their “getting started” guides. They provide a solid introduction to Objective-C.

Also, remember that Obj-C is a superset of C, which means pretty much everything you know about C applies to Obj-C. You can also mix C and Obj-C code any time you’d like.

Hi. Maybe u can try this one :

@bwyatt and @Godzilla – thanks for the two suggestions. I’m reading the cocoalab book now and then going to look at the Apple docs.

Hey everyone the Xcode export is great news. Now you have me seriously considering a Mac purchase and I was just looking at a Mac mini this morning. Being a pc user I don’t know much about macs will the base model at 599 do what I need it to do to compile these future exported projects? (With added mouse and keyboard)
Thanks in advance for any advice and words of wisdom.

I have the same question: what is the minimum (cheapest) conf i need to copile and post an app?

A newer Mac mini is plenty. I do my compiles on an aging MacBook or an equally old Mac (I have a mini, but it pre-dates the move to Intel).

Really, if it’ll run the latest OS X, you can download and run XCode.

Remember that, while XCode is free, you’ll need a $100 developer membership to send apps to the store.

When you’re ready, carefully look at the steps of @Reefwing’s tutorial (linked above). Even though I’ve been through the process several times, I still use a printout of Reefwing’s page as a checklist.

BTW: I used a Hackintosh to compile and deploy an app to my iPad in the past. I currently use a mac mini for compiles as the hackintosh was operational, but SLOW.

The dev license is a requirement, so that USD 100 is going to have to get spent no matter what.

One thing I realized was that XCode is a decent value; Enterprise Visual Studio is in the thousands!

Hey thanks everyone. I was aware of the dev license. That’s a yearly license I believe. Awesome news the Mac mini is what I will be looking into further.

Thanks for the mention @Mark.

On the costs - I recouped the cost of my MacBook Air and development fees in the first year through app sales. The hardest thing is being disciplined and finishing the apps, it is very easy to get distracted by the next shiny thing.