Help me creating an ipad app, please. Thanks!

Hi friends!
I just got a macbook air and i would like to make an app from a codea program.
There are tons of dicussions about this on the forum, but some are not up to date, so could you remind me:

  • what is currently the best tuto or thread to start from?

Well, to get your app out of Codea, you’ll need Dropbox or some other app that supports saving files, but once you have that, you can long-press on your project and select “export.” From there, it’ll generate you all the Xcode files and you can work on it in Xcode and implement add-ons. There’s also a blank Codea template with iAds implemented here, but that might not be a good idea what with the new Codea 2.1 runtime coming out soon.

Second screen in the export has a button labeled “more options”.
Send an email with the exported project to yourself from that.
Easiest way I find :wink:

Re Peter


I have exported and mailed myself a project.
I have dropped it on xcode on my mac book air.
I have made build, ok except a warning.
When i run the project on an ipad air simulator, i see only codea run time window, but my project doesnt run.
What should i do?
Any link to an up-to-date tuto? Thanks!

I use Xcode 5.

I just export to dropbox, copy the file into my hackintosh desktop, unzip it, then open the .xcodeproj file. Everything works from there.

One thing to note… Xcode simulator is absolute garbage. My projects always run incredibly slow and buggy in the simulator, but work fine in testflight on my devices

I’m actually going to be going through the whole process with a new app that I made. Maybe I’ll take a bunch of screenshots of the process and make a tutorial.

@Crumble that would be very nice, thanks.
On my mac i have xcode 6.1 do you think it will be the sameas xcode 5?

I export projects via the dropbox option and open them directly in XCode 6.1 and they all seem to work flawlessly even in the sim, although for the record I haven’t yet tried to add any extra code to support, game centre or iAds or anything else.

@techdojo thanks!
I dont have a dev account yet. Do you think that matters? Shouldnt it run in the simulator anyway? What doc should i read to start with xvode?

@Jmv38 you don’t need a dev account, just to publish on App Store. You can use your iPad to simulate your app.

@Jmv38, what is the error?

well, there is no error, but the game doesnt start on the simulator, i just see the codea screen, black with the output panel on the left.
I will try to compile an example project and see how it goes. It is a simpler start.

@erickyamato how do i compile for my ipad and transfert the build to it? Can you post a link? Thanks.

@Jmv38 If I understand correctly, (put your project from Xcode onto your iPad) you’ll need an Apple developer subscription for that, and then Testflight.

You only need the dev account to actually transfer code to a device - running in the simulator is fine.

It sounds like your app is crashing somewhere - have you tried the old “use loads of print statements until you find the code that’s crashing” or the “comment out massive chunks of code until it works again” tricks - that often helps :slight_smile:

Why not start with a new project that just draws a rect on the screen and export that - that way you’ll know that part of the process works.

good advice, thanks!

Hi @Jvmm38,

The runtime is slightly different to iPad Codea, eg if you have assets you are using you may need to select those inthe export screen, e.g. if you load assets via variable name…

In the situation where you just get the blank screen and console, try typing print() and hit enter, sometimes it will give you the Lua error…


@brookesi thanks, good advice.
I’ll be out for a couple weeks, so i’ll try this later this month and will report on my progress.

@Jmv38 Try this.

Go into your Codea code and comment out all Sound calls that use a sound asset rather than the sound generator. Then re-export the project and compile it again.

Hi, i am back.
I did finally succed running a very simple project on the simulator! (a hello world program). Good.
The simulator looks a bit strange on the mac book air 11" (screen is too small so i have to scroll awkwardly to view the complete screen).
If i want to check on my ipad, now i must get a dev account. That will be my next step.
Anyone knows how to make screenshots from the mac? If want to document and share my random walk…