Help me creating an ipad app, please. Thanks!

@Jmv38, screenshots:

Of the simulator, click the file tab at the top and there will be an option

Of your mac: Shift+Cmd+4 and then select the area you want to screenshot, or Shift+Cmd+3 to screenshot the whole screen (there is no confirmation, but the screenshots will be saved to your desktop)


Concerning sound assets, what am i supposed to do? Are they broken? Is this going to be fixed by TLL? Or should i do something on my side?

@Jmv38 Im in a very similar boat to you in figuring out Xcode on a new mac. I just got my Codea project to run correctly in landscape, hurray! The iOS Simulator runs at a dreadful 5 fps but while in Codea it stays at 55-60. Have you had this problem to?

@GoatBoy76 i am not yet where you are! I’ll make a more complex project to check your points. Thanks.

@Goatboy76 Yes, the Xcode simulator is crappy, and runs very slow. Set up Testflight, and test your apps on iPhone/iPad. If an app runs great in Codea, it will run great on the actual device.

@Jmv38 I’ve made the app and I’m trying to figure out beta testing and the other things you need to do before release.

@Crumble You need the $99 dev subscription for that right?

@Goatboy76 Yup. Has to be done if you plan on releasing apps.

@goatboy76 you are still ahead! That is a positive competion.
I am happy because i got the account, and have succeeded in getting my app running on my iPad air! This a small step for humanity, but a giant leap for me :wink:
Now my next step will be to make a very small app that can be published as a free app to go through the whole process. I think i am going to recode in codea the game timer i once made in javascript/web app. It is a useful little tool because there is no equivalent on the store (as far as i know) and it has to be free (no one will pay for it).
I’ll need a few days to code this timer and make it look good enough, so my progress will stop in the meantime. I’ll learn from you then.

@Crumble Ok

@Jmv38 Edit: Nvm. Isn’t iTunes connect down right now? I thought that you needed that to be able to use testFlight to test on a device.

@Goatboy76 Yeah it’s down until tomorrow I believe. I have 4 apps that I plan to submit in the next week or so, but waiting on Codea 2.1.1 because of the slowdown bug. I should make a tutorial for submitting but I use Xcode 5 at the moment so the Xcode part will be different for most people that use Xcode 6.

@goatboy76 iTuneConnect is back now. I’ve filled up my forms.
To run on a device you can plug it into the mac and select ‘ios device’ in the ‘build for’ section of xcode. Then it compiles and installs it on the device. This is how it worked for me.

@Jmv38 When I try to select my iPad to download the build onto but it says its unavailable in parenthesis. Edit: Restarting the Mac and iPad fixed this.

@Crumble What are the 4 apps?

@Goatboy76 I’ve found that spending a ton of time on one app isn’t the way to go, because most apps don’t get noticed in the end. The app store games section is like playing the lottery, the more tickets (games) you have the better. So I make simple apps that take a few hours to make. All of my games have only a main menu, the main game screen, and a try again screen. All are high score based. Think flappy bird, etc.

I made the mistake once of spending like 40 hours making a game, only to have it flop… never again. Some people spend a year making a game that flops, so it could be worse.

@Crumble Thats good thinking. Im not trying to win the lottery tho as this is a hobby for me. I think that a solid polished app would do me better in the future.

@Crumble, interesting take. I tend to put a lot of work and time into my games, and so far none of them have taken off, but I think it’s alright because I can look back at them and I’m proud of the quality.

@Crumble how does that work out for you, and also, are you using ads or paid?

@jrohanian Still at the beginning of the game, only 3 apps on the store so far. All 3 were flops. That’s how the app store goes though with over 1 million apps. My goal is to release an app every 2 weeks or so, hardest part will be coming up with ideas for simple, addicting games.

I am doing free with iads from now on, paid apps are a hard sell unless you have something very unique, like Codea.

Some news: i have tried to compile and run XFC and it works very well on the simulator (9Hz) and on the iPad (60Hz).
I have only one problem: i am used to save my changes into a project tab (the Data tab), but it is not saved on the actual app. So what is the recommended way to save local data on an actual app?

  • saveProjectData
  • a local text file (does it work?)
    Thanks for your advice.

I decided to try with sounds. So i uncommented my sound line and dis the export. The wav file was correctly extracted from the assets and provided to Xcode. The compilation and running worked fine in the simulator and the iPad, with sound working in both. Great!