hangs interface codea

I took codea seriously and are going to make a good game. at the moment I have is a 4000 line interface and can backup. committing to games I think the lines will be about 12,000 in the horizontal position the ipad 3. to continue the game or move on to something else?

hang starts from 3000 lines in a horizontal position

A hang can be caused by many things in a 3000 line program.

We need more information before we can help you.

(And do we have any Russian speakers who can help him explain the problem more clearly)?

I’m hoping that the code isn’t 4k plus lines in a single file :slight_smile:

One of the best ways to embrace development is with a pen & paper and sketch out what modules / classes you require and start to plan what code goes where and how the various modules talk to one another.

As projects grow organisation becomes more and more important (have a look at how the example Cargo Bot example is organised).

With regards your code, one of the easiest ways to trace your code “hanging” is to use the print() command to display what lines of code are actually being executed in what order.

This can be done at a high level first to divide your draw loop up into a number of sections, then when you discover which section is causing the issue you can dig down and keep putting in more and more print statements until you can identify which block of code is causing the problem, then you can actually start to print out specific variables which will give you a much better understanding of what your code is doing.