Found out what is new in 1.3 current beta

YIPEE! Look at all of @Simeon’s comments on the only beta tester conversations. Look here.
As far as I can tell, we are getting screen recordings, volume API, awesome new sound picker (that uses 200 pixel wide sliders), ability to draw in setup(), added SupportedOrientaions(PORTRAIT_ANY, LANDSCAPE_ANY, PORTRAIT_.... (that's all I can tell), fontMetrics(), keyboard, things like physics.setGravity(x,y), he was looking at sockets, and that’s all I can tell.
Again, YIPEE!

Here is an official list:

  • Screen recording.
  • Volume API.
  • New sound pick that may be $1 with full CFRX support.
  • Ability to draw in setup().
  • Added supportedOrientation() function.
  • Fonts.
  • Physics.
  • Keyboard and BlueTooth keyboard support.
  • More flexible drawing.

Full CFRX accessibility too.

Not sure about the keyboard. I still think its true

Oh. Duh. Drawing text. Also I guess they have a font picker that lists the fonts.

They originally had sockets in that update. Then they stole them :frowning:

Sound picker might be $1

Has file io

I understand. But is it true tht keyboard support us coming? And I also saw nothing about Lua 5.2. Thanks! Now I’m REALLY looking forward to 1.3

That’s all I can find. Have fun dreaming of Codea 1.3


No file IO. We did talk about it - I have a bad habit of suggesting things in inappropriate threads.

I hope @Simeon doesn’t get mad at me… Too bad that TLL got rid if sockets and doesn’t have file IO.

  I hope @Simeon doesn't get mad at me...

Mr. Zoyt you have become our own Julian Assange!

So sound picker is IAP?

That why I’m not in beta, I don’t keep secrets, I actually help them escape into the wild.

Let me offer you some insight into the beta - it’s in constant flux. I can tell you from personal observation that TLL is working like crazy adding stuff - good good stuff. I think they feel sorry for me and my socket envy. :slight_smile:

I believe I’m on the seventh version of the 1.3 beta - they keep adding things.

Point is - if you see a message about something being in or not in the next version, take it with a grain of salt. That’s the point of the beta - if they add a feature that breaks something, we point it out, and they may remove it. Likewise, they’ve changed things based on beta feedback during the beta. And there’s a whole slew of features that weren’t in the beta to start with, and got added (and may get removed if they cause issues).

The only sure sign anything will be in 1.3 will be the release announcement.

But yes - the smart bet is that a lot of the above will be in the release. Neat things.

To quote @Simeon (which you’ll read by searching) : “It’s not so much that we’re trying to keep secrets, I just don’t want beta discussion cluttering up the normal help, questions and sharing that goes on in the forums. Especially when it comes to API changes - people may think they have access to something that is not released yet and get frustrated.”

And - just to share - we are talking about being able to to file IO in a way. I suggested that being able to do file IO to projects and tabs would be handy ways to manage libraries, and not get in apple’s face too much. So you could “require(“VectorFont/RomanSimplex”)” to import the RomanSimplex tab from the VectorFont project. Maybe write as well. I think I suggested it elsewhere in a regular thread as well. Don’t expect it in 1.3 (or 1.4 or 1.5…) but they didn’t laugh at me, so I’m happy with that!

To each his own. Call me old fashioned but I welcome opportunities to respect the privacy of others and mind my own business.


Neither is in the current beta. Doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. There’s plenty good coming without those anyway. You won’t be disappointed.