Finger Chase 3D

Finger (51.0 KB)

Back in 2016 @niorg2606 shared a fast fun challenging little game called Finger Chase with us all (Finger Chase: A somewhat difficult game for Codea).

I’ve basically added a Craft skin to it, replacing the flat 2D circles with shiny 3D spheres.

It was an interesting exercise in making Craft component exactly duplicate the position, size, and motion of 2D circles—if anyone has an existing 2D project they want to move to 3D, you might find some helpful functions here.

Should also be on WebRepo soon.

This project was, at the time, used in a collection of code posted on GitHub without attributing niorg2606 in any way. That was eventually resolved, but I just want to assure them, if they’re reading this—you have been given full credit as author of this project in its listing on WebRepo.

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@UberGoober Oh my goodness, I completely forgot that this project even existed LMAO
Thanks for properly attributing me, and for bringing back the good memories :slight_smile:

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