Export copy does not copy all the code for new tabs.

I have six tabs in my Asteroids project: Main, TestAsteroids, Shapes, Ship, Button, and Asteroid.

When I long-press the project, select Export, and select Copy, I only get the first two tabs, which were the only two tabs I had when I started this morning. I’ve opened and closed the Project again, same thing. Now I’ll close Codea and reopen: Long-press without opening the project, Export>Copy, and they are all there.

@RonJeffries thank you for that report. That’s kind of mysterious, curious to see what’s going on

I seem to recall some other stuff that requires an exit to take, plus you have that odd Save and Run thingie that seems like a hack to fix some problem. Some list somewhere not up to date or cached or something. It’d be fun to find, I’m sure.

Yeah the issue started when we moved to UIDocument for Codea projects, which is Apple’s document saving architecture

Basically you implement writing and reading for your document format, then you never save it. You just tell the system when a change is made. The system is supposed to save the document in a background process. Something odd is happening though where this is not the case