Errors when insert objects with "for"

hello, i need help…
i am making a game, works well when created the objets since the funtion init of the my class Game (the principal Class of my machine States), BUT i need to insert in one table (for draw these) this objets during the game under certains condicions ( boolean change…botton) and always what i use a “for”, the behavior of objects is crazy, for example they appear in places where there should, they do not work (…) :expressionless: .
¿some explanation?

Can you post some code?

@yojimbo2000 means that he didn’t understand your question, if he hasn’t got any example’s - it’s typical for him
To use code do this:

~ ~ ~
function blabla()
~ ~ ~

this is embarrassing…
while preparing to climb the code,
replace a class names i used, had a very long name, and … it worked without errors, objects behave to perfection.
¿?? …
before executing the code, but objects behaved badly …


Give it and ready, a moderator will update the class and you haven’t any bugs.
I am trying to make an OS with Lua, do you think I haven’t problems

it’s typical for him

@TokOut it’s typical when asking for help with a bug in your code.

@yojimbo2000, to be honest, i was expecting a somewhat different response… Especially, given the fact that you are a moderator here. Your powers of self-restraint are impressive. That being said, i think @TokOut needs to be warned, at the very least. Way too many threads filled with nonsense questions and rude remarks

We appreciate that language difficulties make communication very difficult, and we try to be tolerant as far as possible, because rudeness may not be intentional.

In this case, I actually think TokOut is trying to be helpful, explaining why it’s necessary to post code, and that a mod will help fix problems.

We do also warn users - usually by private message - when they disturb the forum, so just because you don’t see any mod action doesn’t mean there isn’t any. We are watching this situation.

@Ignatz, fair enough… Maybe i’m being too harsh. But normally i can tell language barrier from a troll behaviour. In any case, i trust you and other mods to do the right thing. Thanks.

We are also aware that a lot of users are very young, and don’t realise this is not a social media forum. We try to help them learn good behaviour without discouraging them.

but… :expressionless:
It really happened?
¿Does the length of the name of a class affects the functioning of a code?

What was the name?