Dependencies bug

@Simeon have come across a minor bug with new dependencies not showing up in the list until Codea has been restarted.

To recreate:

  1. Create a new project called, say, “Dependent”
  2. Add a new class called, say, “TestDepend” with a print statement in the class in it [don’t really need this step, but put in to check successful execution]
  3. Exit and Create a new project called, say, “Tester”
  4. Try to add “Dependent” as a dependency - it doesn’t appear in the list
  5. Restart Codea and try step 5 again - you should now be able to add the “Dependent” dependency. Initiate a new instance of TestDepend - run and you should see your print statement
  6. Also causes a similar issue if you add new tabs to the original dependency. Go into “Dependent”, add a new new class, say, “SecondDependent”
  7. Exit and return to “Tester” and add a call to initiate a new instance of the new class “SecondDependent”
  8. Run and it throws an error
  9. Restart Codea and run and everything works.

[note when adding dependencies with additional tabs, the selector recognizes the number of tabs it can access]

Not a biggie for me as not often used, but still slightly irritating.

In addition, a quality of life improvement would be to add a search to the dependencies selector

Thank you @West Ill look into this and adding a search feature