Deleting a "prop" node in Shade crashes the Shader file

Adding a “prop” node works fine, but when I delete the node, it crashes the file.

Also, are there any plans to graduate the experimental features (functions) to a stable release.

I just tested it and you’re right it does cause an error :open_mouth: I’ll have to have a look at what is triggering it

The experimental features have been put on hold due to focusing on the new runtime and Codea features and fixes. It’s something I want to revisit when there’s time (Shade is basically down to zero sales at this point so it’s less of a priority until we can fix the monitisation model)

Thanks for looking into it. Sad to hear that sales are at zero. It’s nice to have a mobile node based shader editor to play around with when I can’t use Blender or Unity.

I also noticed that if you tap on a node after you placed it and select reference from the pop up menu, instead of bringing up the reference it displays a blank side bar. You can still see the reference page if you tap a node in the side bar node menu.