Cursor Bug

I’m typing in a line of code that takes up 2 lines, if that makes sense, and all of a sudden, what I’m typing starts appearing about 10 places to the left of the cursor. I restarted the app and my iPad2 but neither of those things worked.

It is a bug, yes. It seems to happen at about 1 1/2 lines.

Break your line into two and it will go away (Codea doesn’t mind if you do that)

I’ll give it a shot, but I might be back here in 5 min.

I hate that bug, I always have to tap where I think the text is, and when I type it comes out somewhere totally different. >_<

Sorry to bump this ancient discussion, but, does anyone know if re-installing Codea can fix this bug?

I’d test it myself if I din’t have to under go the risk of losing programs.

@Goatboy76 Nope. This is a bug we’ll have to live with until Codea updates. It’s fixed in the next version. Hopefully not much longer until then…

Is that in the case of there being text wrapping on the line? Because I have noticed a bug where my caret is two places behind where I put it which is hard to code with

Well that was fast…

@SkyTheCoder Oh well. “All I want for Christmas is version 1.6” I even got the right number of syllables :>

@Luatee Although it does happen with wrapped lines, there frequently is mysterious sections with lines of un-wrapped text that crop up with this bug.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot my thanks so, thank you.

This bug has escalated to the point of which I can’t edit my project anymore. So I’m throwing in the Codea towel until a solution is found.

My Dad says he has this problem, but not nearly as often. Maybe I’m just special :smiley:

@Goatboy76 - can you post a link to your project code? There may be a fix.

@Goatboy76 & @Ignatz I hit that bug all the time. I force quit at least twice a day. Once to get the cursor to behave and once to break that infinite loop I put myself in… :confused:

I don’t get the bug more than about once a week, as long as I avoid wrapping lines, and then all I have to do is click to another code tab and back…

As @Ignatz mentioned, this problem happens with wrapped lines. It is fixed in the next version.

@Ignatz That doesnt fix it for me.

@Simeon I dont have any wrapped lines in my corrupted project. I just putt really long stuff on separate lines cause its neater. Do you have an ETA for the next update?

Here’s a video that shows that it doesn’t only happen with wrapped lines. I hope the link works because I’m not sure if my security settings are right.

First I show the problem how its only in the Menu tab and not Menu Items

Then I restart Codea then go back and the bug is still there.

Odd, it isn’t on a wrapped line… I think this happened to me once before, I found going to the next line, at the far left (not at your code, like in the indentation) if you delete before that, it deletes the character that’s glitched and it doesn’t happen again.

@SkyTheCoder Its unclear to me exactly what your procedure for fixing it is. Could you clarity?

From your post it seems like you think that the problem is confined to one line in which you’d be mistaken. All of my menu class (besides the first couple lines) is corrupted.

This also happens sometimes to me. Leaving the project and reopening it solves it.

@Jmv38 How often is sometimes?

1 or 2 times per month. Seems to happen more often on very big projects